Facial Ritual Set


This set includes one of each of our signature Australia Made Sheet Masks along with a beautiful Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Tool.
RITUAL. Noun. A set of actions or words, performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony. Create your own facial ritual at home with The Unnamed’s Facial Ritual Set, containing3 signature Sheet Masks & a Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage tool. The ritual of Gua Sha lifts & sculpts the skin, smoothing lines & leaving it looking & feeling firm, glowing & supple. The gentle pressure of Gua Sha helps release muscle tensions, increases blood circulation & encourages lymphatic drainage. When should you use Gua Sha? Gua sha should be practiced after applying facial serums, oils or moisturisers, or after removing a sheet mask. This not only ensures that the Gua Sha can move seamlessly over the skin without pulling at the skin, but it also helps maximise the penetration of skincare products deep into the skin.
Create your own facial ritual at home & tailor your Gua Sha practice to your skin’s needs. Apply softer pressure to reduce puffiness in the skin & when working on delicate areas such as around the eyes. Use firmer pressure to relax muscle tension, especially across the jaw, neck& forehead. With origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the term Gua Sha refers to both the practice and the tool itself. Gua Sha involves sliding a flat, contoured tool, often made of crystal or jade, over the skin to release muscle tension, increase circulation & encourage lymphatic drainage. Have you tried incorporating Gua Sha into your skincare regimen.

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